Why Choose DogQ For Codeless Testing?

The intuitive UI/UX design, rich functionality, and modern architecture make DogQ the easiest-to-use, fastest, and one of the best codeless test automation tools on the market

Web Apps Codeless Testing Tools Comparison

DogQ specialists are devoted to providing you with the best possible testing experience. We have gathered the data on codeless testing tools, collected customers’ feedback, and made the analysis to help you compare DogQ with other solutions available on the market. Below, you can find an ultimate list of features you can enjoy with DogQ:

DogQSeleniumOther average-market tools **
Ease of adoptionVery highVery lowLow
Ease of maintenanceHighLowAverage
Computer vision (AI)Yes, OCR technologyNoNo
Compatibility with modern frontend frameworksHigh: all cutting-edge frameworksLow: with programming effortAverage: can be hard to automate the scripts
Scripting requiredNoYesYes
Automation of testsYesNoYes
Test case generationYesNoYes
Multiple scenarios generationYes, pre-built test stepsNoNo
Test schedulingYesNoNo
Change managementHighNoLow
Test managementHighNoAverage
CI/CD integrationYes, has native plugin for GitHub, API TokensNoYes, but in premium versions only
Reports and analyticsYes, visual dashboardsNoNo
Team managementYesNoNo
Keyword searchYesNoYes, but hard to master
3rd-party integrations *YesNoYes, but in premium versions only

* coming soon DogQ functionality

** based on the result of the in-house research

Designed to help all skill level users test their web products

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DogQ Integrations & Add-Ons

Plus to the main functionality, DogQ codeless testing tool has powerful integrations that can greatly automate your workflow, make the testing process even faster and easier, and give you 100% test coverage:



Use GitHub Actions to create custom CI workflows directly in your repository.


CircleCI *

Enjoy automatic test allocation across all your containers and environments.


SemaphoreCI *

Build automated testing CI/CD pipeline and boost the performance of engineering teams.

* coming soon DogQ functionality, instead you can explore DogQ API Tokens, view documentation

Success Stories

Discover how DogQ codeless testing tool benefits businesses in various domains, helping them to grow faster:


A modern SEO-optimized and user-friendly complex website

We arranged agile and fast automated testing of our client’s brand-new site, followed the best practices of CI/CD, and fixed all the arising issues with DogQ

  • 91% decrease in human errors
  • 23% faster development process
View Case StudyFively


A revolutionizing tool for automated product inventory and stock management

DogQ testing tool helped to speed up the process of custom e-Commerce stock management app development and eliminated all bugs in product’s UI

  • 100% decrease on bugs on user side
  • 35% faster product launch
View Case StudyOtotmate

Why DogQ is So Good?

What is our codeless testing tool advantage if compared to code-based ones? Below, you can find a list of ultimate DogQ benefits, which make it a top-market codeless testing solution

1. Easy-to-use interface

Quickly build automated testing scripts without a single line of code. Fits even non-technical specialists with no background in QA:

  • Enjoy intuitive UI
  • Easy adopt with functionality
  • Learn with handy tooltips

2. Multiple automation scenarios

Enjoy a variety of pre-built test steps which allows to greatly automate test case generation:

  • Save time on elements ID
  • Discover new test scenarios
  • Use Macros to boost efficiency

3. Test management

Add, change, copy, delete, and reset test runs at the touch of a button. Enjoy full transparency of the automated testing process:

  • Make changes to scripts
  • Check test runs history
  • Get control over the testing process

4. Real-time analytics

Get timely visualized reports and graphics to track the number of passed and failed test runs, discover project insights, and find the product’s strong and weak sides:

  • Get a visual statistics dashboard
  • Track available run steps
  • Take data-driven decisions

5. Test scheduling

Set automated testing at the end of each sprint, automate your working routine, and forget about hustle:

  • Automate recurrent test scenarios
  • Run all tests simultaneously
  • Pause and reset scheduling if needed

6. Team management

Work with your project teammates, share and edit test scripts, and increase your test coverage:

  • Assign different team roles
  • Create sophisticated scenarios
  • Boost your team performance

7. AI-driven testing

Build automated tests with specified keywords, emulate user actions, and tune the app UI according to the gained results:

  • Use OCR-based text recognition
  • Increase test speed and accuracy
  • Get business-valuable insights

8. Essential integrations *

Enjoy powerful 3rd-party integrations that can greatly speed up your daily routine, and free time for other tasks:

  • Use CI/CD integrations
  • Automate your workflow
  • Get 100% test coverage

* coming soon DogQ functionality

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