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Flexible plans designed to fit your team, now and as you grow.

All functionality available across plans, the difference is only in your need for Run Steps.

Start building using a free trial, then pay as you go.


For startups and freelancers looking for the best opportunities to develop their business.

1 000

Run steps


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For small teams wanting to automate web testing using AI-based technologies.

10 000

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For mid-sized companies aiming to modernize test automation, reduce costs and meet the software market trends.

100 000

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100 000+ Run steps

For modern dev teams working simultaneously on scaling and optimizing size of their teams, number of tests and app quality.

What’s included

All functionality available across plans

Run Steps1 00010 00050 000100 000100 000+
DeploymentDogQ Cloud
No-Code AutomationCheckCheckCheckCheckCheck
Codeless Features
Scenario stepsCheckCheckCheckCheckCheck
Parameter variablesCheckCheckCheckCheckCheck
Testing Functionality
AI-powered computer visionCheckCheckCheckCheckCheck
Test case generationCheckCheckCheckCheckCheck
Multiple test scenariosCheckCheckCheckCheckCheck
Parallel testingCheckCheckCheckCheckCheck
Test schedulingCheckCheckCheckCheckCheck
Change managementCheckCheckCheckCheckCheck
Test managementCheckCheckCheckCheckCheck
Keyword searchCheckCheckCheckCheckCheck
Testing Types
UI TestingCheckCheckCheckCheckCheck
e2e TestingCheckCheckCheckCheckCheck
Regression TestingCheckCheckCheckCheckCheck
Cross-Browser Testing *CheckCheckCheckCheckCheck
Test coverage, run historyCheckCheckCheckCheckCheck
Frameworks & Integrations
API **CheckCheckCheckCheckCheck
Team management, rolesCheckCheckCheckCheckCheck
Number of usersUnlimited
Feedback formCheckCheckCheckCheckCheck
Start trialStart trialStart trialStart trialContact Us

* for Chrome (chromedriver) and Edge (msedgedriver)

** API Tokens, view documentation

Have a question?

1. What forms of payment do you accept?

DogQ supports several card brands, from popular Visa and Mastercard to local networks like Cartes Bancaires in France or Interac in Canada. Other forms of payment may be added in the future.

2. How many test runs do I need?

That really depends on the size of your app and your testing scope. For general cases Team plan might be enough. But if you build up a team that will be testing multiple apps, chances are you’re going to need the Business plan.

3. How do you count test runs?

One step corresponds to one action. Every Run Step increases the overall count. Simple as that.

4. Can I change/cancel my plan?

You are free to change or cancel your plan at any moment.

5. When will we be charged?

There is no need to use a credit card when you sign up. You start using our free trial, and when you are ready, you can update your account. Then every month an invoice will be formed for you to pay before the Run Steps refill.

6. How can I see how many tests I've run?

On the dashboard you can see the Test Runs Summary along with many other details on your account.

7. Is support included?

Documentation and tooltips are fully available. You can also use Feedback to ask us any questions and we will be happy to help or introduce anything you want.

8. What happens if I run out of tests?

Once you reach your subscription plan limit, you can either wait for a refill as per your plan Renewal Date or consider investing into a more substantial plan.

9. What happens to my tests if I cancel?

All your tests will be saved and ready to be run again when you choose to come back.

10. I have more questions!

We'd be happy to answer them! Use our feedback form or drop us an email: [email protected]