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DogQ enables you to build automated test scenarios without a single line of code. Eliminate the manual testing routine and increase the quality and speed of the development processes dramatically.

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DogQ Helps You Deliver Faster and With Greater Quality

Stop paying for hours of manual tests – try advanced codeless test automation software. Create codeless automation testing scenarios on the go and run them whenever you need. Enhance the test creation or delivery procedures by means of the intuitive interface and multiple automation scenarios that are very simple to set up and use right away.

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Codeless Test Automation With AI for Everyone

QA engineers

QA engineers

Make the best out of computer vision functionality and streamline the software testing process.



Utilize codeless test automation with machine learning and check the project you work on for bugs.

Project managers

Project Managers and Business Owners

Track the status and progress of the project by running automated testing scenarios.

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Codeless Automation Testing Is Easy With DogQ

Create codeless test automation project

Create your project

Add your project or multiple projects to the Dashboard to always see their statuses.

Cover project

Set up scenarios

Add, edit, move, or delete testing scenarios or configure macroses. No coding skills are required to manage your test suite.

Enjoy releases

Develop, Test, Deliver. Repeat

Exercise CI/CD approach and run as many tests as you actually need while saving your time and getting extra progress on a project.

Invite teammates

Go even further with DogQ

Explore many other features DogQ provides. Invite team members, collaborate, and enjoy machine learning-based functionality – save time and money.

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Experience All Advantages of Using a Codeless Test Automation Tool

DogQ provides all the tools you may need to create and execute the functionality testing of your app or website. Moreover, we have a dashboard with key metrics that enables you to track all the project progress in real-time.

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Work in teams

Collaborate on your project with ease

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Multiple projects

Create as many projects as you need

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Projects statistics

Track projects progress and stats

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Frequently Asked Questions

Both terms codeless and no-code testing refer to the one and the same approach to software QA. Namely, this strategy for testing is based upon the ground rule that the engineers do not need to write any bit of code to perform a software check – all the cases and scenarios can be neatly managed directly through a custom-built UI.

Looking at it another way, the codeless philosophy implies the capability to generate tests without having any knowledge of some computer language at all. The users of no-code tools can comfortably carry out the full range of examinations being familiar solely with a general idea of how a website or a web app must function.

Both QA teams and solo developers fairly often resort to codeless test automation tools – the kind of software suite that turns the very idea that testing must not require writing code into reality. No-code automation is a pivotal element in the modern software production process, as it allows software agencies to greatly accelerate the entire development workflow and drastically reduce the price tags of the QA without compromising the testing coverage.

These tools have extensive functionality focused on composing test scripts and applying them. Also, such programs have a built-in recorder and playback tool, statistics and visualization toolkit, and other handy features that will allow you to quickly and accurately check the software for technical malfunctions.

DogQ is a great example of a codeless test automation tool, that is described above.

Codeless test automation obviously has a number of advantages over other sorts of web application testing. Below, there is a list of the top 10 strengths of such an approach to QA:

  • Faster testing cycles make it real to meet all the deadlines, with no exceptions.
  • Scheduled test runs might definitely come in handy for whom time really matters.
  • Reusable test scenarios will make your work more valuable and save you from long hours of routine creation of new scripts in the future.
  • Parallel testing with multiple configs is the best way to check how your software may run on various hardware and platforms.
  • Complex test scenarios could be carried out without any problems even in the most non-trivial and intricate cases that no manual tester can handle.
  • Increased test coverage could work out even without extra time if you resort to some automated testing software solutions.
  • Meaningful statistics may help you identify possible problematic aspects at an early stage, as well as give you a comprehensive overview of the entire project.
  • Automated test reports are a real saving remedy – no vital info should be lost since all the reports will be neatly structured and fairly informative. By the way, you do not need to write reports yourself, because they are generated automatically by the software.
  • Better time-to-market rates are no longer an unattainable goal as long as most of the testing on your project is performed by means of automated solutions.

However, it is only a tiny fraction of all the advantages that automated QA systems have to offer. DogQ is just such a system.

Present-day platforms for codeless automation are the ideal tool for streamlining literally every phase of software testing. It’s worth mentioning that using the codeless test automation tool may help you efficiently deal with a really huge number of different tests in the shortest possible time.

On a large scale, website developers spend a lot of time checking the user interface. And this is not surprising, because the UI is the thing that forms the image and the first impression. And as we all know, first impressions are half the battle. In light of this, testing the user interface, which the final website visitor will directly encounter, takes a significant proportion of the time devoted to testing in general.

On the other hand, engineers also have to worry about proper Application Programming Interface integration. All API-related operations should be well optimized so that users do not face issues related to the performance of the website. So if the GUI is the facade of a website, then the API is a kind of its core on which performance directly depends, including page load time and the ability to function under stress.

Speaking of which, DogQ plan to add features to track API validation phases.

No, manual testing does not require coding. Moreover, a major part of manual testing may be replaced by automated testing. This step will help you cut a couple of corners here and there saving time and money, which can undoubtedly be put to better use.

Most importantly, you may use codeless automated testing software in place of a manual testing specialist, which will allow you to increase the transparency of testing operations in your projects, because all reports are created automatically, with minimal human engagement, and do line up with reality. And also do not forget that you are free to run all automated tests over and over again if necessary.

As you are well aware, machine learning is neither a sham nor a buzzword. Far from being a kind of a smoke-and-mirrors thing, artificial intelligence is a huge breakthrough in the present-day tech industry. The technology is truly promising and that is why all software companies are trying to implement it into their own products. DogQ is no exception to the rule.

In DogQ, artificial intelligence is used for the integration of Optical Character Recognition functionality. The OCR technology allows you to find text on the webpage and recognize it. This state-of-the-art feature makes it possible to check websites and web apps with strikingly increased efficiency and accuracy.

Try DogQ to see what the future of web application testing actually looks like!

DogQ is an easy-to-learn, no-code apps and websites testing tool. DogQ is fairly simple to get started with since it has a friendly user interface. It’s cloud-based as well, so any browser will work to run it properly.

DogQ offers flexible pricing plans designed to fit your team, now and as you grow.

All additional functionality is available across pricing plans, the difference is only in your need for Run Steps. Start building using a free trial, then pay as you go.

Then try DogQ! With our tool web testing will become quick and transparent, as it’s totally codeless and has a dashboard with key metrics, allowing you to track the project progress in real-time.

If you have any questions, we'd be happy to answer them! Use our feedback form or drop us an email: [email protected]