DogQ helps companies worldwide ship better⁠-⁠tested and less⁠-⁠buggy web applications

A small team passionate about automated testing and web development

Our Story

We are a lean and bootstrapped SaaS startup founded in San Diego, CA, United States, with team members located around the world.


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The idea for our product came from Alex Zaytsav, Founder and CEO of DogQ, during his software engineering career. He noticed that many web creators, particularly those with limited resources and/or coding skills, have difficulty testing their web products.


As a team, we utilized our industry connections and expertise to attract our first customers. Then, we launched our MVP on several platforms and received recognition and positive feedback. Additionally, we have formed some great collaborations to offer our customers supplementary automated testing and quality assurance services for their web products.


Initially created as a side project, the company gradually grew by involving seasoned specialists who have a deep-rooted passion for building solutions that address real⁠-⁠world problems. It took us about a year to develop a tool that we believed would make a difference for businesses.


With a growing customer base, our focus now is on creating new product features with the goal of becoming a full⁠-⁠fledged automated testing tool.


2021, February

Company was founded

2022, March

MVP was launched

2022, July

Partnership with Fively

2023, March

Product Hunt Launch

2023, August


2024, January

Startup of the Year on HackerNoon


To democratize automated web testing by providing a comprehensive, best⁠-⁠in⁠-⁠class solution.



We are admired as one of the world's best software companies, providing a simple and affordable solution for testing web products that is suitable for clients of any size and budget.


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Wondering about the name DogQ?


“Dog” represents a loyal and reliable companion to humans, while the letter “Q” stands for “Quality”.

Interesting fact: We use DogQ to test the tool itself, ensuring its quality. This practice is referred to as "eating your own dog food.”

Our Numbers

Every day DogQ is used to run newly created or adjusted test cases to check the “health” status of various web products.


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Our Clients

DogQ helps companies of all sizes to obtain fast and reliable testing results, providing confidence in their web products

Success stories

Our Team

Our team consists of 10+ seasoned professionals. However, we also enjoy collaborating with other teams to generate great ideas.

Alex Zaytsav

“We are doing everything possible to find and hire people who share our values: transparency, camaraderie, and proactiveness.”

Alex Zaytsav

CEO & Founder

Alexey Kalachik

“DogQ is a company that holds a unique position in the field of software testing. This is primarily thanks to its enthusiastic and hardworking team that strongly believes in its product.”

Alexey Kalachik

Co-founder | Advisor

Igor Yakutovich

“I joined DogQ because Alexey introduced me to Alex. Then, I got immersed in the essence of the project and now I am a fan of it.”

Igor Yakutovich

Co-founder | Advisor

Arina Lukashik

“It's inspiring to witness a fully engaged team that not only carries out tasks but is also committed to creating a product that fills them with pride.”

Arina Lukashik

Marketing Manager

Andrew Anischik

“Working at DogQ is a one-of-a-kind experience. It is inspiring to be part of a team that is fully dedicated to democratizing web testing.”

Andrew Anischik

Senior Software Engineer

Egor Nedelko

“At DogQ, we prioritize transparency and customer satisfaction. Through active engagement with our users, we continuously improve our platform to deliver a rewarding experience.”

Egor Nedelko

QA Engineer

Alesia Prytulenets

“I'm really passionate about writing comprehensive and engaging articles about the fundamentals of testing and the latest trends in QA here at DogQ.”

Alesia Prytulenets


Andrew Oreshko

“Working at DogQ provided me with the opportunity to explore new technologies in Machine Learning and apply them in a practical manner to release a highly valuable product.”

Andrew Oreshko

Machine Learning Engineer

Max Sukhanov

“Being part of DogQ means being at the forefront of change in the web testing landscape. Our focus on continuous innovation keeps us learning and growing.”

Max Sukhanov

Software Engineer

Valeria Anashko

“Our no-code testing platform is more than just a product. It embodies our innovative spirit and collaborative culture.”

Valeria Anashko

Software Engineer

Anastasia Rynkevich

“Our primary objective in designing our tool's platform is to simplify web testing for anyone interested. This principle is fundamental to the way the DogQ team operates.”

Anastasia Rynkevich

UX/UI Designer


Our Values

Our team believes in providing high⁠-⁠quality products, intuitive and simple testing processes, valuing customer satisfaction and feedback, and maintaining a healthy team environment for continuous innovation.



We specialize in flexible testing strategies that adapt to changing software needs using a user⁠-⁠centered approach to continuously provide effective, up⁠-⁠to⁠-⁠date solutions.



We strive to make our product as simple and intuitive as possible. We understand that each step should be easy to follow and should not complicate the testing process.



Customer success is at the heart of everything we do. The satisfaction of our users and the benefit for their projects are the most important values for us.

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We value honesty and transparency because they are crucial to building trust with our users. We also value feedback as it helps us continuously improve and innovate.



We value inspiration in the process of work and strive to support work⁠-⁠life balance for all team members. And DogQ operates as a company with no blame culture.

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We believe that innovation is the foundation for our development. We are trying to introduce new solutions and ideas to stay ahead of the game.

If you have any additional questions or require further information, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our DogQ team is always ready to help you.

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