Product Updates: Updated “Click element” step, new ways to organize tests, QA services

Use the new "Click element" step variants to cover even more test cases with DogQ. Easily copy or move existing test cases to save time. Explore the opportunity to transfer a portion of your testing workload to the DogQ team.

Product Updates: Updated “Click element” step, new ways to organize tests, QA services

Update to “Click element” step

The “Click element” testing step now has 6 subtypes and each subtype has its own nuances and specific cases for use in your test cases:

Left Button

Left click is the most common action, as it simulates a user clicking on an element specified by a selector, just like they would with a mouse.

Right Button

This subtype is useful when we need to test JavaScripted custom behavior, such as custom context menus, tooltips, etc.

Double click

Similar to right-click, this subtype can be useful for testing custom element behavior implemented with JS.


This subtype simulates a mouse hovering over the specified element.

By coordinates

With this subtype, instead of targeting an element by its selector, you can click on a specific point on a page using the specified coordinates.

Drag and drop

This subtype is used to test drag-and-drop functionality.

Note that “Click element” step will try to perform a click on an element, even if it's hidden or disabled. This is done to ensure that users can cover as many cases as possible.

New ways to organize tests

Well-managing test suites as you scale your testing scope is crucial for success in automated testing.

Now, with DogQ, you can easily copy and move your Scenarios between Modules and Projects. Additionally, you have the option to copy entire Projects and/or Modules, including all their contents.

This feature proves to be useful in various scenarios, such as creating backups or using existing Scenarios as templates. For example, you can copy them to create new Scenarios with preconfigured steps.

The exact time of your test runs

Now, you can easily find the exact time of your test executions by hovering over the data in the “Started” column on the Test Runs page.

This feature can be helpful for cross-checking your testing workflow.

Other updates

DogQ has been voted as the Startup of the Year 2023 in San Diego, CA. We sincerely appreciate everyone who took the time to vote for us.

The DogQ team now offers QA outsourcing services, which include a comprehensive range of services tailored to different project sizes and needs.

What's next?

We will add new fields to Project and Module pages. These fields will allow you to write descriptions or provide details for your testing cases.

We have already begun the development of “Variables” functionality. This feature will enable you to store data from a page and reuse it later in your tests.

And we are committed to improving the stability of the tool to ensure smooth workflows.

Other features are on our roadmap. If you want us to prioritize a specific feature, let us know at [email protected].